In all our works, we deliver fresh, original concepts that help our clients achieve their objectives. To do so, we adopt a time-tested methodology that is simple but works.

  1. We first determine the core team of account servicing, art director and copywriter, which is responsible for meeting with the client and developing the creative work later on.
  2. It is then crucial for the team to understand the client's needs, objectives and expectations, and work out a written creative brief. This helps us plan, organise and assess our respective tasks.
  3. Having determined the task, we put our heads together to think. We study the client's current strategy to see what works and what doesn't. We ask questions-Who is the target audience? Who is the competitions What is the brand's perceived images What is unique about the brands-and plot a strategy to direct the way.
  4. What follows is to know the brand before promoting it. We research into its products and services, visit the stores, talk to its customers and observe the competition in its marketplace. We find out what it takes for the brand to get over the next hill.
  5. With all these information, observations and insights, we begin to form what we need to say and find the best way to deliver it. The creative team comes together to brainstorm, put into the trash mundane and expected ideas, and flesh out the strongest ideas.
  6. When it comes to executing the work, we manage all elements of the process meticulously. From photography, digital imaging, prepress production, press check to media placement, we are on it to ensure delivery of exceptional quality and results.